Massage & Yoga

Whitechapel Holiday Cottages, North Devon

Holistic Massage and Yoga are available on-site and can be booked at a time that fits in with your plans. Why not treat yourself to a relaxing evening after a busy day?

Massage therapies are offered by Jules Templeton and Yoga by Claire 

Chavutti Thirumal
Chavutti  is a full body oil massage, differing from most other types of massage in that the practitioner uses her feet for the main part of the treatment. The advantage of feet over hands is that with one deep, powerful stroke the whole length of the clients body can be massaged, from the tips of the fingers to the tips of the toes. The long flowing strokes literally ‘iron out’ knots and kinks in the muscular skeletal system whilst encouraging a mental state of deep relaxation.

Holistic Massage
This therapeutic massage can help to loosen and relax tight muscles, relieving any physical tension. Circulation is improved and increases the body’s ability of getting rid of toxins and boosting the immune system too. Massage is wonderful way to pamper yourself. Why not make an afternoon of it and combine it with a sauna and hot tub!

Lomilomi – Hawaiian massage
Heartworks Lomilomi is a traditional ‘old style’ Lomilomi originating on the Island of Maui.  Heartworks Lomilomi uses the hands as an extension of the heart.  This meditative form of Lomilomi focuses on rhythm, pressure and breath.  Wavelike and rhythmic strokes help the receiver to release deeply held tension and/or blocked energies and patterns.  The long, flowing strokes help to flush the lymphatic system and move through deep tissue, relieving stress and encouraging relaxation.
Conscious breathing by both the giver and the receiver nourishes the body at a cellular level, restoring balance, opening the heart and creating a feeling of well-being and peace.
Heartworks Lomilomi is more than just a massage – it is an ancient Hawaiian healing art for the body, mind and spirit.

Yoga, inspired by the wisdom of Vanda Scaravelli, encourages us to bring more awareness to what is happening within us as we practice. Through conscious breathwork and a surrendering to gravity we can begin to ‘undo’ tension so that yoga postures can begin to unfold from within. This wonderful way of practicing yoga invites ease and lightness into body and mind.

Please book therapists as early as possible to avoid disappointment.
Jules requires a ‘minimum’ of two, 1 hour treatments

Massage Price Guide with Jules Templeton

Prices for Chavutti and Lomilomi massage
1hr  £60,  1.5 hrs £90,  2 Hour  £100

Holistic massage
1 hour full body £50
45 mins back, neck & shoulders & back of legs £40
30 mins back, neck & shoulders £25

Yoga Price Guide with Claire
1 Hour  £95 per hour in our beautiful yoga barn space for 14  includes mats, bolsters and (sometimes) log fire.